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GigaCrete Housing

G I G A C R E T E    I N C.

(Made in U.S.A)


Introduction – Technical Overview


The GigaCrete housing system offers a total replacement for wood framing and gypsum board construction.  It is an affordable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly (certified “Green”) housing system that meets all regulatory requirements. A traditional “stick built" (wood frame) house and the “steel” frame GigaCrete house utilize similar conventional building techniques.


The system is IBC and ICC Building Code compliant and engineered for both massive earthquakes and Category 5 hurricanes. GigaCrete built structures have proven to be the best and most effective hurricane and flood resistant housing solution on the market.


Benefits of the GigaCrete Housing System


GigaCrete structures are fifty+ (50) percent more energy efficient than similar structures that are built by conventional means. GigaCrete’s extreme performance coatings, PlasterMax and StuccoMax, offer superior benefits when compared with other claddings. (including but not limited to)


  • one of the fastest methods of construction for housing

  • mold, black mold, and mildew resistant

  • zero flame spread and no smoke (all non-combustible materials)

  • completely abrasion & impact resistant (9,000+ psi - will take the full blow of a hammer, with no damage)

  • no VOC's or off-gassing

  • insect resistant

  • waterproof (moisture resistant), “freeze” proof and fire resistant

  • no cracking, crazing or erosion

  • highly insulated (both heating and cooling - minimum R-30 walls & R-45 roof)

  • no Portland cement or silica

  • exceed all building standards and codes (ICC, ICB)

  • exceed stringent EPA and California indoor air quality and VOC standards

  • built without wood, Portland cement, and gypsum board

  • a total replacement for wood framing and gypsum board construction utilizing stainless galvanized

  • double-steel studs and patented connectors are all accurately pre-cut before being shipped to location

  • zero waste on location

  • up to 60% energy savings (in both hot and cold climates) when compared to conventional systems


The ICC approved galvanized double-steel studs and patented connectors are precut for accuracy and result in virtually no waste while heavy gauge welded steel form roof brackets and trusses keep the roof secured to the foundation.


The following are a few examples of GigaCrete built houses that have survived hurricanes and/or earthquakes:


  • Haiti house survived a hurricane and an earthquake and is utilized as a local shelter for storm emergencies.

  • Exuma house (Bahamas) survived both a Cat 4 and a Cat 5 hurricane, with zero damage done.

  • St Thomas USVI house survived Hurricane Irma Cat 5 (185 mph sustained winds and 235 mph gusts) and no damage what-so-ever.