33-B Arroyo Cuyamungue
Santa Fe, NM 87506

Nambé Construction

Tribally Owned 8(a) Certified Firm

Sole Source Negotiating Capabilities

Nambé Pueblo Construction, LLC exists to promote the economic development of the Nambé Reservation in a manner consistent with the social and cultural interests and values of the Nambé Pueblo.


We are a team of experts, working to exceed our customers expectations and needs. We hold strong values and ethics, and we are dedicated to building the highest quality projects, that fit your time and budget needs. 

"Client satisfaction, quality work, impeccable service, and safety are the key attributes that drive our business." – Herbert Yates, CEO

At Nambé Pueblo, building strategic partnerships is a core component of our approach. We need more business collaboration, but what we need most are well-designed, well-governed, accountable, and impactful collaborations.

Modular Division

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